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4 Common Myths About Shuttles Debunked

As a leading coach bus provider in the transportation industry, we at Lansdowne Coach have come across various myths and misconceptions about shuttles. We are here to let you know that bus travel is an excellent option for those in need, as we debunk some of the most common myths. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us today to book a service.

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Shuttles Are For 20-Somethings Or Retirees

One of the most common misconceptions is that bus shuttles are only for young people or older individuals. Considering that we have provided bus transportation for people from all walks of life, we can tell you that bus shuttles are great for people of all ages. Coach travel is simply an excellent way to get around town without the hassle!

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Shuttle Travel is Uncomfortable

This answer depends on the company you work with, as some outdated buses may be uncomfortable compared to current industry standards. You can rest assured that when working with Lansdowne Coach, you will travel via a fleet of comfortable buses that offer all the amenities you need for a successful ride!

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It’s Expensive

Traveling in a coach bus is actually an affordable option for large events. Instead of each individual spending money to travel, carpooling together will help save everyone money as everyone can pitch in! Not to mention, our services at Lansdowne Coach are priced affordable, so feel free to request a quote today!

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Shuttles Are Boring

Traveling among friends and family in a shuttle can be a fun experience that creates memories before your event even takes place. Enjoy a great conversation or enjoy some fun laughs as you make your way towards the drop-off point. Not to mention, our shuttles come with various amenities that make travel more entertaining.

Traveling via a bus shuttle is an excellent option for large parties who want to take the hassle out of driving. At Lansdowne Coach, we offer the fleets you and your guest needs for successful travel throughout the state. Visit our website to request a quote today!

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