Employee Shuttle Service


Shuttle Bus Rental & Contract

As companies compete to attract and retain high-value employees, one perk has emerged as indispensable to tens of thousands of workers –a private commuter shuttle service. Pioneered by some of the largest companies in the world to address the issues of lost productivity and ever-longer commute times. These companies partnered with local charter bus providers to set up convenient commuter transportation networks that improve productivity while keeping their employees satisfied.

Benefits of Employee Shuttle Service

· Helps retain high-value employees

· Broadband Wifi allows riders to be more productive

· Shorter commute times utilizing HOV and HOT lanes

· Reduced stress and healthier life for employees

· Convenient pick-ups with optimized routes

· Meet your company’s environmental objectives

· Accommodating a growing workforce with limited parking space

· Expanding company office space by repurposing existing parking space

· Ease the burden on employees when relocating office