Employee Shuttle Service



As companies compete to attract and retain high-value employees, one perk has emerged as indispensable to tens of thousands of workers –a private commuter shuttle service. Shuttle services for employees were pioneered by some of the largest companies in the world to address the issues of lost productivity and increasing commute times. These companies partnered with local charter bus providers to set up convenient commuter transportation networks that improve the flow of the work day while improving employee satisfaction by providing them with premier transport services.

Benefits of Employee Shuttle Service


Helps retain high-value employees

One of the main ways that companies retain their employees is to demonstrate that their contributions and time are valued. Shuttle services can help show your staff that their time, expenses, and efforts are truly appreciated by providing them with a beneficial service.


Broadband Wifi allows riders to be more productive

When someone else is ensuring that employees arrive safely at their destination, this allows them additional time for work. Shuttle services include wifi, which lets them get a head start on their day while on the way to the office.


Shorter commute times utilizing HOV and HOT lanes

If you are commuting alone, it can either be expensive or illegal for you to utilize commuter lanes that get you to your destination in a shorter amount of time. Shuttle services are able to use these lanes to get employees to their destination faster.


Reduced stress and healthier life for employees

No matter how you look at it, commuting to the office on a daily basis can be stressful. Private commuter services help reduce the toll that transportation woes take on employees, resulting in an easier, happier workday.


Convenient pick-ups with optimized routes

Transportation professionals make it their job to know the roads. They are able to plan routes effectively so that employees arrive at their destination in the shortest amount of time possible.


Meet your company’s environmental objectives

Many companies are increasingly concerned with environmental concerns and becoming more eco-friendly. Transport services for employees cuts down on the number of vehicles on the road and a smaller impact on the environment.


Accommodating a growing workforce with limited parking space

Parking can be a constant problem in any office space. Depending on the size of any given workforce, you might be left with too few spaces for growing staff numbers. Transportation services for employees make that concern a thing of the past.


Expanding company office space by repurposing existing parking space

When you take parking concerns out of consideration by providing shuttle services for employees, this frees up space for new developments. Unneeded parking spots can be repurposed and developed in order to benefit your business.


Ease the burden on employees when relocating office

If you are moving your company’s office space to a new location, your employees could have to drastically modify their daily routine. Making it an easier process for them to get to the new location with a shuttle reduces the potential for transportation issues.

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