Safety First: How Lansdowne Coach Ensures Secure Military Shuttle Services

At Lansdowne Coach, we believe that safety is the most important aspect of any military shuttle service. Our team is dedicated to providing military customers on the East Coast with secure transportation services that follow and exceed DOD regulations. We have developed a number of safety protocols and processes to ensure the highest level of security and comfort for every passenger. From thorough background checks on our drivers, to GPS-tracked routes and regular safety inspections, our team goes above and beyond to maintain the highest standards for our DOD-approved services.

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DOD-Approval Status

Lansdowne Coach is proud to be a Department of Defense-approved provider of transportation services. Our drivers are extensively trained to meet and exceed DOD guidelines and regulations in order to provide the highest level of safety and security for our high-security customers and military personnel. Our GPS technology is designed to track routes so that we can ensure that all of our buses and shuttles meet the highest standards of security, so our DOD-approved status ensures that you can rest easy when you ride with us.

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We prioritize confidentiality for our passengers and maintain strict protocols to ensure that your information remains safe. We have invested in secure data handling systems so that all of your information is kept secure before, during, and after your ride, and our team members are trained extensively on confidentiality, as well. With unmarked luxury coach vehicles and buses, your military shuttle experience is unmatched with Lansdowne Coach.

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Cargo Transport

When it comes to transporting military personnel, bringing essential equipment shouldn’t be difficult, and that’s why Lansdowne Coach is a top choice as a military shuttle service, too. We have secure charter buses that are designed to carry large, heavy, and even specialized equipment loads, so you can be sure that everything will reach your destination quickly and efficiently.

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