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Elevating the Commute With Lansdowne Shuttle Solutions

As companies compete to attract and retain high-value employees, one perk has emerged as indispensable to tens of thousands of workers – a private commuter shuttle service. Pioneered by some of the largest companies in the world to address the issues of lost productivity and ever-longer commute times. These companies partnered with local charter bus providers to set up convenient commuter transportation networks that improve productivity while keeping their employees satisfied.


Benefits of Employee Shuttle Service

  • Helps retain high-value employees
  • Broadband Wi-Fi allows riders to be more productive
  • Shorter commute times utilizing HOV and HOT lanes
  • Reduced stress and healthier life for employees
  • Convenient pick-ups with optimized routes
  • Meet your company’s environmental objectives
  • Accommodating a growing workforce with limited parking space
  • Expanding company office space by repurposing existing parking space
  • Ease the burden on employees when relocating the office

Here are a few ways an employee shuttle service can improve your employees' day-to-day lives.


Limit Public Transportation

With the thousands of people that use public transportation every day, it’s a wonder that employees aren't constantly getting sick. Not to mention, the delays that can occur when missing the bus or train they need to get to work on time. With an employee shuttle service, you can provide a safer and more convenient environment for employees to get to work.


Attract New Recruits

Having a free shuttle service eliminates the time wasted in stressful morning and evening traffic. This is a huge perk that can make your business more desirable to work for. You could even set up a regular shuttle loop so employees can leave to get lunch without the hassle of finding parking or being delayed by construction or traffic.


Increased Focus

Employees waste dozens of hours stalled in traffic every day, shortening the time they have to relax and recover from a long day of work. With an employee shuttle service, the time they would be spending stressed out in traffic can instead be put toward unwinding while on their phone, talking to coworkers, or other activities that can be done while relaxing in a comfortable shuttle bus seat. This can help them come back the next day feeling more refreshed and focused.


Team Building

Taking a shuttle together means employees will have the opportunity to interact with one another, helping them develop a better understanding of each person's contribution to the company. This communication can lead to more cohesive teams, new business ideas, and improved quality of work.