Traveling by charter bus is an efficient means of transportation. Lansdowne Coach, your source for bus tours in Washington DC, offers the benefits of charter bus travel.


A full charter bus is equal to 55 cars on the highway. Not only do they save people money in gas, buses significantly reduce the number of carbon emissions. When you travel by bus, do so knowing you are traveling the most ecologically friendly way possible.


Charter bus drivers are experienced in driving in all types of weather conditions and are committed to getting their passengers to their destination in a timely and safe manner. Bus travel is quite safe and you can sit back, close your eyes and relax knowing that you will reach your destination safely.


Whether you are heading to a wedding, to the airport or desire a tour of the city, a bus is the most versatile and easy option for travel. Want to get to the airport without the hassles of parking and the struggles of traffic? A bus is an easy choice. With somebody else driving, you have time to catch up on that novel or take a nap.

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